James N Moum

Professor of Physical Oceanography

College of Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503
office:   Burt Hall 432a
phone:   541-737-2553
email:   jim.moum@oregonstate.edu

Xpod deployment / PISTON 2018 (ONR) / R/V Thomas G. Thompson

R/V Elakha in Yaquina Bay (photo credit: D. Chelton)


Research Interests:

  • turbulence and mixing in the ocean
  • small-scale ocean physics
  • nonlinear internal waves
  • air-sea interactions
  • bottom boundary layers
  • developing the instrumentation necessary to get new and detailed observations of small-scale fluid processes

BAS, University of Toronto (Engineering), 1978
MAS, University of Toronto (Engineering), 1979
PhD, University of British Columbia (Physics/Oceanography), 1984

Class Notes:

Acoustics Lectures Winter 2023

Shallow Water Acoustics, Kuperman and Lynch, Physics Today, 2004 S-0031-9228-0410-030-6